Clergy Visitation

Contact Number: 540-643-2000 ext. 2258

Beginning March 23rd, 2017 we will be using a new system for visitation at the New River Valley Regional Jail.  Religious visits will no longer be on Fridays only.  You will have to register online at  Once you have been approved, you will have to schedule your visit/s online.  Visitation hours will be Monday-Friday 9am-9pm with the exception of 10am-12pm and 4pm-7pm.  You may visit up to 3 inmates per day.  Each inmate may receive 1 religious visit per week.  All visits will be 40 minutes.  Clergy visits are non-contact. You will have to abide by the visitation rules and policy set forth for regular visitation.  Please be sure you read these carefully as they differ from the way we have conducted religious visits in the past.

If you have never visited at the New River Valley Regional Jail as a pastor before, I will need to have a copy of your certificate of ordination or paperwork from the circuit court stating you can perform marriages in the state of Virginia. I have to have a copy of this paperwork before you can be approved to schedule appointments.  You may email me a copy of this paperwork at

When you register, please email me letting me know you have registered.  This will allow me to mark you as a professional visitor.