Inmate Mail



Effective immediately, all personal inmate mail should be sent to the following new address:

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

To help make a smooth transition:

  • The old address will continue to accept and deliver inmate personal mail until Oct 31st
  • Personal Mail sent to the new address will be scanned and delivered electronically in the same method as mail sent to the old address
  • Starting Nov 1st mail sent to P.O Box 2966 San Antonio, TX (the old address) will be returned to sender

For example:

Central County Jail CA John Doe #11111

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 2113



To ensure inmate mail gets delivered electronically, the envelope must continue to include:

  • The full facility name and the state where the facility is located
  • The inmate’s full name and identifier
  • The sender’s full name and physical address clearly written on the top left corner.



  • Friends and Family should use the same inmate identifier that they have used in the Note: Each facility has its own label or identifier label, but the inmate identifier used remains the same.
  • There will be NO system changes as a result of this address Mail scan review and electronic mail scan delivery will continue to function as it does today.
  • No existing mail that is in process or already delivered to an inmate will be
  • Important:
    • This address change does not apply to Legal Mail and ONLY applies to personal Senders should refer to the facility guidelines on Legal Mail. Legal Mail should NOT be sent to the Phoenix, MD (new) address.
    • This address change does not apply to checks and money orders and ONLY applies to personal Senders should refer to the facility guidelines on checks and money orders. Checks and Money orders should NOT be sent to the Phoenix, MD (new) address.
  • ViaPath will handle all email communications to Friends and Family informing them of the address
    • Email 1 October 17th
    • Email 2 October 24th
    • Email 3 October 31st



  • ViaPath will handle all communications to Inmates with a Facility Message and a Login Notice informing them of the address change
    • Facility Message October 17th
    • Login Notice October 17th
  • The Facility should update any websites that they maintain to inform Friends and Family of the address
  • Requests for physical copies of the mail scan, should be sent by Facility staff and emailed to the following electronic mail address:, with the following information provided in the email:
  1. Correctional Facility, State
  2. Inmate’s Full Name, Inmate Identifier
  3. Sender’s Name
  4. The PDF of inmate mail
  5. Date of scanned mail

Note: This information will help TextBehind locate the letter in the system and in the storage to enable a faster turnaround.

  • For help with any issues accessing or viewing mail scans, Facility Staff should contact the ViaPath support line at the following number: (800)-205- Facility Staff should be prepared to clearly state the issue and provide details on the mail scan.
  • Friends and Family should contact TextBehind support directly at for any mail delivery issues.