PREA Statement


PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) was enacted by Congress to address the need to protect those who are under the supervision of a U.S. Correctional agency from sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment.

The New River Valley Regional JAIL (NRVRJ) is committed to and has adopted a ZERO-TOLERANCE standard for sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment of inmates by staff (including contractors and volunteers) and other inmates. The NRVRJ strives to cultivate an environment where employees as well as inmates, regardless of age, race, gender, or sex are both safe and free from any type of sexual related misconduct. Sexual contact is strictly prohibited even if the involved person(s) agree to it.

If you were or want to report someone who was/is being sexually abused or sexually harassed while in custody or under the supervision of the NRVRJ, please call the confidential reporting hotline. The NRVRJ will ensure that all staff, contractors, volunteers, offenders and probationers are free from retaliation for reporting occurrences of sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

Hotline: 1-540-643-2032